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Social media fill the gap

The austere Taliban banned Internet use to stop people viewing what they derided as vulgar, immoral and anti-Islamic material, although they are now among many groups using social networking to communicate and buy youtube views promote their messages.While Internet cafe use has sprouted in towns and cities, particularly among young people, the use of social media has mainly been confined to combating conservative cultural norms such as limited women's rights, which are more difficult for mainstream media to confront without provoking a backlash."Where traditional media are weak, that is where social media step in," Khalvatgar said.Nai, he said, was launching its campaign to encourage government officials, rights groups and aid organizations to widen the use of social media and combat negative conceptions of the Internet among some Afghans."Social media is a free tool to use to transfer information without the influences of the government, warlords or Talibs," Abdul Mujeeb Khalvatgar, executive director of Afghan media advocacy group Nai, said as he launched the new campaign on Sunday."But right now there's the problem of having an audience," said Khalvatgar, pointing to the limited uptake of new media in a country racked by war and poverty. Just 2 million of Afghanistan's 30 million people have Internet access.While Afghans have enthusiastically embraced improved access to phones and communications since the 2001 ousting of the former Taliban government by U.S.-backed Afghan troops, a majority continue to live in simple homes, often made of mud brick. Only one in three have electricity.

Buy Twitter followers

First and foremost, ensure that your posts are grammatically correct.

Hire someone with excellent grammatical skills. Not only are there a lot of grammar Nazis in the social media space, but publishing posts with wrong punctuation marks are really a big turn buy youtube subscribers off to most people. Imagine seeing a post from a known company, whose writer doesn’t even know that the plural word for furniture is still just furniture. Write like a professional writer because it says a lot about your company. You do want people to take you seriously, right?Selling make-up? Write about contouring, different styles of applying eyeliner, how important eyebrows are or how to make your lipstick stay on longer. Or better yet, create a poll, on who wore the best red lipstick or what makeup mishap did this celebrity commit? Create surveys, ask questions, ask your audience’s opinions, and conduct occasional promos. Produce content that is interesting enough to encourage feedback. Post content that will make them want to interact with you, content that will stir emotion or would make people think. Write about something enjoyable and interesting.

Build a sizable and engaged following

You are probably familiar with the theory of 1,000 true fans. The reality is that you don’t need a thousand fans to start making serious money. If your fans are engaged, they will spend money with you and tell buy youtube video favorites others about your business. So, how do you build a following? There are a few ways: This is my least favorite way because the organic reach of social media is pretty small these days. More times than not, you will have to pay to reach your audience. Even though the engagement is low, there’s still an opportunity to reach the billions of users on social media.These days, people listen to podcasts more than traditional radio. You can sign up for a service like Radio Guest List and have shows emailed to you every morning that are looking for a guest like you. Get interviewed on as many shows as possible, and some of those listeners will come back to your website. In 2012, I was interviewed on 80 podcasts and brought 100,000 visitors back to my website from the shows.


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