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Steps to Social Media Marketing Success

Research and know your audience, identifying the topics and interests they are most social about.Only choose to utilize the networks and platforms that best speak to your audience.State your key performance buy 200 twitter followers buy followers for twitter indicators (KPIs). What do you want your social efforts to accomplish? What does success look like in quantifiable terms?Write a social media marketing playbook. The playbook should detail your KPIs, audience profiles, brand personas, campaign concepts, promotional events, contests, content themes, crisis management steps, etc. Note that the strategy should be unique to the platform.Align the members of your company around the plan. Assign responsibilities as to who is posting, who is responding, and how is reporting metrics.Take 30-60 minutes at the beginning of each week or month to schedule tweets, Facebook posts, LinkedIn posts, pins, or other social media content. These can be original ideas, links to your own work, or links to outside content that may be useful or of interest to your audience.Create a content bank using a spreadsheet and plan out the content topics, headlines, related links, desired scheduling, name of authors, and an area for management approval on every line.Post relevant content relating to newsworthy topics and events in a timely manner. It’s important to share opinions as soon as breaking news happens.Treat all social channels separately.

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How to Create a Social Media Sales Strategy (that works!)

Most businesses are failing to make social media produce leads and sales because they have a social media marketing strategy that creates engagement—rather than a social media SALES strategy that creates RESPONSE. Yourbuy twitter followers for $5 business is not in the “publishing business” but rather in the “action business.” RESPONSE is king. Here’s how to get customers to take actions on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and blogs that ultimately convert them to paying customers.I finally found a practical way to develop a social media sales strategy. Above, you’ll see I’ve illustrated the system—the exact method successful social sellers are using. This is based on 2 years of my own research.THIS is how people arecreating sales on platforms like YouTube, LinkedIn, blogs, podcasts and Facebook. Ok, let’s quickly take a look at this system at a high level so you can begin putting it to use in your daily life.

Un-Learn the Lies, Half-Truths & Myths

Ever since social media’s arrival most of us have spent time REACTING to it. Sure, we say we’re developing a strategy but the truth is social media exploded onto the scene—caught us off guard. Ever since, we’ve buy twitter followers reviews been quick to believe the simple lies instead of slightly complicated truth. Too quick.Because the slightly complicated truth isn’t so complicated. More importantly, it’s.Selling products and services on social media is mostly about applying direct response marketing concepts. Getting back to “old school” basics is the key to success—the foundation of your social sales strategy.I know this based on 2 years of researching the best social sellers out there, culminating in my book (How to Make Social Media Sell for You) and training program. Heck, I’m building my business on it!


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