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How To Be A Social Business Even If You Hate Social Media

Here's the deal: I hate social media. Ok, let me clarify that just a bit. The truth is, I actually love social media. I love what it can do for small business, and I love what it buy instagram followers and likes can do for individuals who know how to use it. What I hate about social media is how it's twisted and degraded our ideas about what it means to "be social." That's just a personal point-of-view, so don't hate me for it. :) What I really want to discuss in this post is how, despite my own personal hatred for social media, I've managed to leverage it to help grow our business and how you can do the same

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Why I'm Not A Social Media Type

If you're a regular reader of this blog and a follower of Convert With Content in any way, you've met my lovely wife Stephanie. Thank god for Stephanie. She runs our entire Social Media department. buy targeted instagram followers She's so damn good at it, she makes it look super easy. But the reality is social media is NOT easy... at least not for people like me. For me, the work of "Marketing" is strategic work done mostly alone behind my laptop. Social Media Marketing is almost an oxymoron in my world. Social Marketing requires constant engagement, listening, and networking to be effective. Yes, it's also strategic, but it's never done in a vacuum. Social Marketing is done in real-time while engaging with real people who expect interaction within specific media channels.


How do you keep up to speed on what’s happening in business? Do you scan the Twitters, read your RSS feeds, or watch the news? For me it’s a combination of all of those things, though I will admit watching the news has become a rarity as I find current news in so many other forms. Following current news best place to buy instagram followers is great, but I find myself wanting something more. I want those inspiring ideas from thought leaders, jaw dropping debates on real business problems, and open discussions on what is changing in business. Sure, I can read the latest blog posts on those topics and I do, but I still want some entertainment value that a blog post struggles to deliver. I’m finding myself turning to podcasts to fill the void and I don’t think I’m alone. I love podcasts because I can take them anywhere. I download them to my phone and listen when I’m traveling, while I’m working, and even while I’m working out. The convenience factor can’t be beat. I was curious to find out what business podcasts top the lists as favorites for Social Media Explorer authors, so I asked. We’ve compiled a list of some of our personal favorites below and given you a little insight into why we love them so much.


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