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How To Write Your Social Media Plan

Maybe it’s because you’re in marketing. Maybe it’s because you’re from the younger generation assumed to be digital natives. Or maybe it’s because you’re already experimenting with social media and your success has been noticed. buy instagram followers that like your photos For whatever reason, The Powers That Be have chosen you to write your company’s social media plan. Or perhaps they haven’t asked, but you know social media is big and getting bigger, and so you want to write a plan to persuade your management to get involved. Here are some ideas on the main topics you need to cover in creating an impressive, yet realistic social media plan that garners executive buy-in and a clearer path to success.

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Paint The Picture of The Big Opportunity of Social Media

Start your social media plan with some startling statistics and pithy quotes about the huge shift away from traditional publishing towards social media. buy targeted instagram followers If you wrote this plan two years ago, you would have leaned on the endorsement of old media with quotes like this: But now you can tell the big opportunity of social media by just relying on social media’s accomplishments. Include nuggets like: Add with a flourish a quote or two from a top social media book, such as Trust Agents by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith, or The New Rules of Marketing and PR by David Meerman Scott.

Tips for a Social Media Business Plan

That was a half serious comment from a much-loved client today. He has heard that social media is the latest, greatest, business solution from EVERYONE he has spoken to including his sister, brother, cousin and friends mate from the mechanics down the road. If this is the case, he must do it, right? …ah um no. buy cheap instagram followers Social Media is an opportunity that must be weighed in line with business, product, marketing and communications strategies. The web has given the world many communications channels for people share, interact, engage and respond. It should not be treated with contempt or whimsy nor should it be treated as the sole solution to a business challenge. Here is a few simple tips on what you should consider when planning and implementing social media in the mix of tactics for a business strategy.


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