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That Will Show You What’s Trending on Twitter in Your Industry how to increase twitters followers Discovering what’s trending on Twitter can be a challenge. buy 1 million twitter followers Do you check in on a list of thought leaders every morning? Search for keywords using Twitter’s advanced search? Tune into your timeline?There are tools out there that can make it easier for you to discover what’s popular right now in your niche or industry. We’ve rounded up three of the best. Buzzsumo scours Twitter for the most popular topics related to a keyword or domain. You can filter the results by time period, from the past 24 hours up to the past year.What’s great about Buzzsumo is that it shows you popular articles across social media, not just Twitter. On the search results page, you can see how many shares a particular piece of content received on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and (yes, even) Google+. This can offer up great insight into what content is being talked about most on the social web, allowing you to jump in and add your two cents (or use it as inspiration for your own content).Other filters include language, country and content type such as articles, infographics or videos. And while the free version allows you to search for any topic under the sun, the Pro version provides alerts, multiple users and other advanced features.Search results are displayed similarly to Google’s results page, with a headline, URL and a “preview” of the text or content itself. Each result is connected to all of the other tweets containing that content, and you can click to view the entire list.Topsy goes even further in showing you what’s trending by connecting its search results to Topsy Analytics.

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Twitter App Now Explains Trending Topics

Twitter's trending topics can be pretty interesting sometimes, buy twitter followers especially when some silly movement manages to capture national attention thanks to a whole ton of people promoting the same hashtag—disneypickuplines, anyone?However, the major problem with Twitter hashtags is that it feels like you need an Urban Dictionary companion app—or, at the very least, a social-savvy friend—to decipher what some of the stranger ones really mean. Or, for that matter, why some trends are trending at a particular time.At least, that used to be the case. Twitter this week updated its mobile app to better explain what trending topics actually mean. In doing so, it sacked the "Discovery" option on its mobile app. You'll now find Twitter trending topics in the app's search section."We know that trends aren't always self-explanatory, so now you'll see a description below each trend. Since trends tend to be abbreviations without context, like #NYFW, a description will make it clear that this trend is about New York Fashion Week. The new trends experience may also include how many Tweets have been sent and whether a topic is trending up or down," reads Twitter's blog post announcing the change. To see the new tweaks in action, all you have to do is update your Twitter app for iOS or Android (if it hasn't been automatically updated already). You do have to have the "tailored trends" option on, but that's on by default on mobile versions of Twitter. It's only available right now for Twitter users in the U.S.If you want the same experience on Twitter's website, you'll be waiting a bit. While Twitter says it's working on the functionality for good ol' Twitter dot com, your favorite search engine if you want to decipher what they are and why they're trending.

Twitter Retires Discover Tab in Lieu of More Detailed Trends

We're fast running out of excuses to be ignorant about what's happening beyond our borders. increase twitter followers The latest Internet tool to learn about that big, wide world comes courtesy of Twitter, which said today that its Twitter Trends feature now extends to 100 more cities around the world, allowing users to "surface the 'most breaking' news in more than 200 locations. Here's more about the tweak from Twitter.How accurate a tool is it for keeping on top of the latest and greatest in a certain locale? Fairly good in that when something big happens, folks now routinely tweet about the news and it inevitably bubbles to the top of Twitter Search as a top trend. However, what's trending on Twitter, as in the example below from San Francisco, may not be all that revelatory for people looking for more in-depth information.Part of the trouble is the real-time nature of the product. Once a tweet slides down your Timeline, there’s a good chance you’ll never see it again. That’s why Twitter also added a “while you were away” feature to surface popular tweets that were shared since you last opened the app.Before, you might simply see #BostonBombing as a trend without any context. Now, the hashtag will include more details — for example, “Boston bombing trial: Verdict reached.”Twitter has retired its Discover tab, the section within the Twitter app that showed users what topics were trending or most popular within their network. Now, the hashtag will include more details — for example, “Boston bombing trial: Verdict reached.”Twitter isn’t getting rid of the concept, though. This kind of info will now exist instead within the “Search” tab on Twitter, where trends will now include a more detailed description.


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