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Columbus, Ohio 43215
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Chef Biography

Ryan Rupe

Since Ryan Rupe was 13 years old, she knew she wanted to be a chef. Growing up, she was incredibly intrigued by cooking and by how she could make people happy through food, so she read as many cook books as she could get her hands on, and took as many cooking courses as possible.

When she was still attending high school, Ryan began working at Mitchell’s Ocean Club. She has remained a member of the Cameron Mitchell team since then, only leaving long enough to earn a degree in culinary arts from The Florida Culinary Institute in Palm Beach, FL in 2007. In addition to Ocean Club, Ryan has worked at multiple Marcella’s and Ocean Prime locations around the country.

The unique menu and opportunity for creativity are what Ryan enjoys most about working at The Pearl. She also finds motivation and inspiration in being part of a team of associates who truly care about the restaurant.

Ryan’s advice to aspiring chefs: “Jump in with both feet and never be afraid to make a mistake. There’s always something new to learn, and each day is a chance for you to strive to be better than the best.”